The Easy Way to Creating Leads at Network Events

Very few people understand how to take the best advantage of networking events. For the most part, everyone shows up, then it goes around the room and each person delivers their 30-second “elevator speech,” and that’s about all that happens at those meetings. I have however find something out that will have you totally owning the network event, and creating a great way of generating leads, loads more leads.

Before explaining how, I want to share something with you.

One day I needed to get a new website built for a business. Predictably, lots of web developers submitted their bids with a portfolio and lots of “why I’m great,” “I give the best service,” type of sales stuff that EVERYONE says.

One designer, however, did one better:  He actually built a mock-up site for me, and sent me the link to it, along with his price, and a note that said, “Since the site is already built, I can send it to you instantly upon acceptance of my price.”

He got the job!

Now here’s how you can use the same principle at networking events:

First of all, find the right groups. The old days of overpriced “leads clubs” where you paid an exorbitant fee to participate are over. Explore events that are on is where it’s at now, and Chambers of Commerce to a lesser extent. Explore independent networks too.

Go to Meetup and find as many networking groups as you can, preferably business owner & entrepreneur groups. Then get online and find Chamber events in your area.

The secret of Meetup groups are this: At each meeting, a list with full contact information of all members, along with all guests who showed up that day (you must RSVP ahead of time online to get on the list), is distributed to everyone who shows up. You can on most occasions gain a list from Chamber events too.

This is your new prospect list!

Take your list, and create something of benefit, that’s personally customised to each attendee, that you can bring back to the next meeting.

For example, in my digital marketing consulting business, I run a full website performance report for everyone. Then we come back to the next meeting, whether it’s next week or next month (most Meetups are weekly), and hand out those customised reports to each attendee.


You’re accomplishing many things at once with this strategy:

  1. You’re giving them something of value that they can use, whether they buy from you or not.
  1. You’re practising the habit of Going the Extra Mile, which puts the Law of Increasing Returns back to you.
  1. You’re differentiating yourself from other people by practising the “show me, don’t tell me” rule of human nature and you’re approaching them in a way that’s actually beneficial to THEM, versus an “elevator speech” or a cold call which only benefits you. And while on this subject most elevator speeches just don’t nail it.
  1. Best of all, you will get leads, more sales, and even more referrals by doing this!

Start thinking about what you can do to take advantage of this fool proof system of utilising networking groups to maximum advantage. Use your imagination. Get creative. You will, no doubt, find a way.

Believe me, it WORKS!

If you have a question or just fancy knowing more about how I increase sales then call me on 07823 449485 or email me on I might see you at a network or MEETUP event soon.

Terry Carney