How To Sell Anything

Sales should be your number one priority. Although this statement is not obvious to everyone I believe. The thing about selling is that many are approaching selling the wrong way, massively the wrong way in fact! What is normally happening is that you are trying to convert people rather than employing effective selling techniques. Time to have a re-think so read on…

So already you are thinking “What is this guy talking about”? Let me explain. As a digital consultant working with many diverse businesses throughout London, Essex and Hertfordshire, I’m always being asked the question “How can we get more sales?”. Clients always want to know how they can get more sales through social media and their websites. They want to know how the sales cycle works and how you take someone from “maybe” to “yes”? How do you make them buy in? So how do you win over the prospects or convert those opportunities you have more effectively?


Well firstly you don’t try to win them over. I don’t waste my time trying to convince people to believe what I know works. I have absolutely no time for people that I need to convince that social media, email marketing, Google Advertising, Facebook Pixels, Video Marketing and so on all work. I took my own business local to global in 16 hours, so I know how and what works. I spend every working day helping clients leverage proven digital strategies to win more business. My business has grown year on year, and billing fees per client are up 300% so why do I need to convince anyone? I’m doing great doing what I know works! I had someone once say to me “You convince me this stuff works and I will be a client” I walked away, you know who you are and you’re still in the same place!

You need to be focusing on how to sell to customers not how to sell to people who aren’t a customer at all yet. This is the mistake that most people are making day in, day out. You end up wasting good time and energy trying to convert, when you should be using that time to reach more people. You may have seen in my video where I talk about trading some of your time each day for awareness, well that’s what you should be doing, creating awareness.

Reach out to everyone that can have a positive impact on your life in your market. Set yourself a target of connecting with 12 of them, start working on that right now. Once you have them, spend your time there, with the 12 who can have a positive impact on you and care about you. I have many in my connection process who now influence others, recommend me and share the “Why & How” of Terry Carney. One such connection drew two others to me only recently in one week and this increased my monthly turnover 20%. I did no selling here at all. WARNING – DON’T TRY TO CONVERT THE UN-CONVERTIBLE


Time is your number one asset, it’s an extremely precious commodity to have. So why waste it? Your time in sales must be effective. Apply your time to where there is fertile ground. You need to create a wider audience, don’t waste your time in the same space with the same people who are not converting, who will never convert. Find the people who going to help you. I often see at networks individuals straight in with the sales pitch, understand who is in your network and who they know. That’s the key “the others” you can connect to with, widen your audience, keep moving forward. Don’t have meetings and as they call them “1-2-1” meetings unless you have qualified the why to your meeting. Meetings that are unproductive cost UK businesses billions ever year. Meetings about meetings about meetings, you have to laugh at those that do this. Wake up and use your time effectively.

You need to put the work in. Lets get this really clear because this is key to your success and many just don’t do the hours or the work they need to and then moan all day long they have no frigging sales. YOU HAVE TO WORK! Instead of watching TV for two hours every night work on your business, increase your connections and create awareness. Do that every night, Monday to Friday and you have gained a day of business development.

It’s what I do, it’s what makes the difference but I’m not here to convert you, I’m not interested in the un-convertible, so if your looking to be convinced this is not the place for you. this is just my thoughts on selling.

Why not get in touch, I’m on 07823 449485 or email me on I’m always looking to widen my audience and have more connections and give advice.

Terry Carney