Sales V Marketing

When it comes to Sales and Marketing most businesses tend to have two separate approaches.

A sales team – who have strict sale targets to be hitting every month.

A marketing team – who focus on an overall ongoing marketing strategy.

Often is the case, that these two teams act independently, with neither sales targets nor marketing strategy aligning. What a lot of businesses don’t realise is how interlinked marketing and sales are, and how important it is for these two aspects of the business to be working together.

How can you align your sales and marketing strategies?

Start by asking yourself some important questions. Answer these questions honestly and you’ll be able to see for yourself where the holes lie and what you need to be focusing more on.

Does your sales team understand what content marketing is?

Firstly, your sales team to need to be aware of your what your marketing efforts consist of and how they are important to your businesses overall goals. Show them the big picture.

When someone visits your website would they find the content relevant and importantly, will they learn something they can take away?

You probably know exactly who your target customer is. Now pretend to be them, and sift through your own website. What is it the customer gains? Are you offering them relevant and interesting information that will benefit them?

The sales process your sales team follows; does this include any integration of the content you are publishing?

Again, this is all about communication amongst the different teams. Rather than your sales team repeating the same message over and over, why not let them be aware of your content marketing efforts. This can then be incorporated in to their own sales process, keeping it fresh and interesting for your potential customers.

How much video content are you currently producing?

Video is big right now and the opportunities are huge so make sure you aren’t losing out.

On a scale of 1 – 10 how effectively do you think you use automated marketing solutions?

Things like email funnels require minimal effort but are a great way to nurture marketing and sales leads.

Do you, and the rest of the team, understand what percentage of the sale comes from the marketing teams efforts, and what comes from the sales team?

This sort of clarity will help you understand how your business runs. It will enable you to assign budget and time effectively, making the entire process smoother and better streamlined.

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