Storytelling Is Essential For Content Success

Storytelling is an age-old form of communication. As far back as the pre-historic times, humans have used stories as a way of expression. Whether a story is used to simply tell a series of events, make people laugh, or educate them, story-telling allows us to share knowledge and information in an easy and enjoyable manner. If you want to achieve content success in a crowded content market you need to start telling engaging stories.

Fast forward to the 21st century and storytelling is as important as ever. The only difference now is that storytelling occurs in a digital format, primarily through social media channels.

The internet has made the opportunity for storytelling huge, especially, if you have a good story to tell.

However, the biggest challenge facing marketers and business owners is how you can tell a story in an effective manner for the 21st Century consumer. Time is key here, our fast-paced lives mean people are used to consuming information quickly and on the go, for example as they scroll through a news feed.

In order to tell your story effectively, you need to be able to grab the attention of your audience and then communicate your message in a way that intrigues but also gets to the point. Here are my top three ways of storytelling for an online audience:


A blog shouldn’t be anything more than a couple of paragraphs long. Get to the point in as little words as possible to avoid losing your consumer’s attention.


“An image can speak a thousand words”. An image not only commands attention and jumps out at users, an image can simplify a message or story making it easier for consumers to understand.  Great images and used well will create more content success for you.


Where possible, a video is a powerful tool that can simplify a message and have a large impact online. 80% of consumers say that video is important when learning about a company and their offering.[1]

You will on this website that I share regular videos here: Terry Carney Video Page

So now is the time to start sharing your stories, people like to hear about how you achieved something, how you make things happen or work! Your knowledge and experiences need to be turned into engaging forms of content. You will be surprised the power a good storyteller can have on their audience.

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Terry Carney