The Answers Are The Answer!

You may be shocked but one of the big search suffixes in search right now is “for me.” Yes, your potential customers are using more specific long-tail keywords than ever. Over the last five years, there has been a trend to refine the searches we input into search engines.

Why you may ask? Well, it’s all quite simple really, as users of the internet and with less time on our hands we want specific answers to our questions.

We want that quick hit of page one results in Google that solve our problem.

Think about your own use of search engines, how you search for best prices, reviews, how to do this and that, what is the best way and so it goes on.

What’s worrying is that many of you know this and accept consumer behaviour has changed in the digital age but you are not adapting. Many business owners still go on the mission of talking about themselves, our solutions, our wins, our team and so on!

Well, if you are doing that you have it wrong BIG TIME and you are losing out. Your buyers want to be fed information that meets their questions, fears and concerns.

Who cares if you’re broom supplier of the year?

Don’t focus on you, focus on them!

You must change your thinking now if you are to answer the questions your potential customers have. The approach to this shift is all about how you communicate, your company culture and the way you sell to your customers.

The shift must be content that is structured to meet what your buyers are searching, asking and feeling. The sad thing is that many business owners think they have this in place and covered, the reality is they don’t.

In my next article I will cover the BIG 5 topics guaranteed to drive traffic, leads and revenue using the answer the questions content strategy.

Thank you for reading.

Best wishes

Terry Carney