What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing has become an umbrella term, encompassing any form of promotion that a business does online. This includes customer communication, paid advertising and content production. With the rise of the internet and the death of more traditional advertising channels, digital marketing is more prominent than ever before.

What actually is digital marketing?

Below is a breakdown of the key digital marketing channels available to you and your business:

Search-engine optimisation (SEO)

Where your website ranks on search-engine results plays a big factor in the success of your site, and your positioning online. Website’s that rank highly on search engines see a higher proportion of leads come their way. Search engines such as Google, use algorithms in order to monitor content online and determine its relevance. SEO is the optimisation of your website’s content in order to be favoured by these Google algorithms.

Content marketing

Content marketing is the production of relevant and engaging content for your target audience. This content comes in the form of, blog articles, videos, emails, infographics, case studies and more. The goal of content marketing is to engage with your market, leading to further profitable customer actions.

Paid advertising

It can be a struggle to ensure your SEO efforts result in top rankings, especially if you are competing with large established companies. Where SEO cannot guarantee results, paid advertising can. Google’s paid advertising refers to the searches you will notice at the very top of your page, often highlighted by Google as ads. These adverts are run on a PPC basis, meaning the business will only be charged once their target audience starts to interact with the advert.

Email marketing

Email marketing is the process of sending out marketing communications, directly to your customer’s inboxes. It tends to be the most effective form of communication between businesses and their customers, resulting in the biggest ROI. This is mainly due to Companies looking to communicate via email must firstly develop their email subscriber list, meaning that email marketing tends to follow on after

Social media marketing

Social media marketing refers to the promotion of your business through social media channels, this includes platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn. With X people in the UK now using social media on a regular basis, social media is enabling businesses to interact directly with their target audience, in a way that was never possible before. Whether it’s for customer services purposes, reaching out to new customers, or to build an interactive community, social media is increasing the levels of engagement between businesses and their audience.

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